Liquid Night Club 2clubs in 1

Welcome in Faliraki

Where the nights are longer than days.

The Liquid club is open since 2004. Located in the heart of Faliraki just a minute away from everything. 2 clubs in 1. Double floor. Double satisfaction

Since then is the biggest party place in Faliraki, Rhodes island. It is the only club, that has two floors and plays two different kind of music at the same time. First floor is famous for the HOUSE and Electro parties. Second floor RNB and HIP HOP vibes all around the sofas. Just Visit it and you gonna love it.

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Liquid Night Club Faliraki

The BIGGEST party place in Faliraki, Rhodes island.

With DJs from all around the world, party animals and the greatest sound system on the island, we wanna make it clear to you, that if you visit it, you better move your a[r]se. Otherwise is not gonna work.

What to DO here

First Floor

HOUSE music Electro house Tech House

1st floor HOUSE MUSIC

Lets see what we have got for you in the first floor...A big room with three bars, so you are never thirsty. In the bars you will find the best bartenders you ever see before. They are fast, beauty and they have style. Two wide dance floors, that you can dance until you do not feel your legs any more. The fisrt is just after the first bar. There you are at the center of the room, you can dance and everyone is watching you. The second part of the dance floor it is just under the DJ deck. There you going to enjoy the power of the bass, that is shooting at you, just in front of your face. Next to the DJ, left and right are the main VIP areas with luxy sofas and a nice attitude that allows you to enjoys the view, and all the party people dancing. If you are in Faliraki, Rhodes island, Greece for party holidays this is your favorite room, we higly recomended it to you and your friends.

2nd Floor RnB Hip Hop

If you are in love with dance, this is your floor. On the second floor you going to enjoy the rythm. With the best RnB music and the greatest of all time Hip Hop. You better move that booty. On the second floor there is one big bar, just opposite the entrance and next to the dance floor. So if you thinking of a drink, just go closer to the bar, and wave at the bartender. WE WANNA MAKE IT CLEAR TO YOU, that in Liquid night club dancing ON the bar is completely fine with us, and you can go up there and shake it, at any of our bars. Of course under your responsibility. Twerking is allowed too! so make your moves count.


RNB HIP HOP twerking music

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